A new problem of TTL in a RRset

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Tue Jul 29 10:24:35 UTC 2003

Using nsd with the '.hu' domain, I get a problem:

error: ttl doesn't match the ttl of the rrset in secondary/hu, line 516218

(error repeated many times)

At the given line, I have:

$ORIGIN vivanet.hu.                               <<< line 516217
radius  171456  IN      A     <<< line 516218

What is wrong with the TTL of the glue? How can I work around that?

It was not detected before because nsd slurped the '.hu' zone file
through a BIND 8 server which apparently fixed the TTL (I got 86400
instead of the above). If I take the zone file directly from, nsd complains :-(

nsd 1.2.2 on Tru64 5.1B.

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