[net-dns-users] Release candidate for Net::DNS 1.06

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Tue Apr 19 05:38:48 UTC 2016

This is better in some ways, and worse in others. :)

The errorstring is being filled again for search/query/send, which is great. :)  However the errorstring for AXFR is now empty (not undefined, there is actually a string there, but it seems to be one, or maybe two spaces. This is a regression against both 1.05 and versions previous to the errorstring nuking (1.04?).  The demo script I sent to the list previously can demonstrate the problem. Also the output from that script that I sent along with it shows the previous output for errorstring after AXFR for both 1.05 and 0.81. 

Today I also identified another problem with the way that DS records are printed that was also present in 1.05 release. In previous versions (for example 0.81 that I'm using on Ubuntu) The DS records were formatted like this when they were printed out using $rr->string:

aaa.	86400	in	ds	\# 24 54cb08016d92dd0d0db0e392fa9d5f08ea15bbd297b8cbe2X

I can certainly see how this is suboptimal, and the new format is better, but the problem is that it has a newline embedded:

aaa.        86400   in      ds      ( 21707 8 1
        6d92dd0d0db0e392fa9d5f08ea15bbd297b8cbe2 )

Can we get this in one line? It makes it a whole lot easier to process. (FWIW, the print method has the same issue)

And in the future can we avoid newlines in the data? 


April 18 2016 2:45 AM, "Willem Toorop" <willem at nlnetlabs.nl> wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> Dear All,
> We have a candidate for the upcoming 1.06 bug fix release of Net::DNS.
> – Parsing of scoped IPv6 has been fixed when IO::Socket::IP is used
> (regression since 1.05).
> – Interfering middle boxes will no longer be able to hang recursive
> lookups and interfere with unit tests.
> – errorstring() results for non-errors has been restored
> ("regression" since 1.05)
> Besides these bug fixes, this release
> – has better TSIG error reporting
> – will be able to do asynchronous TCP fall backs, even using bare
> sockets (which is discouraged usage, but occurs in the wild).
> – has better Resolver.pm documentation
> – and has great coverage results!
> Regression testing results for this candidate can be found here:
> https://www.net-dns.org/regression
> Please review this candidate carefully. If no issues arise, the
> actual release will follow Monday the 25th of April 2016.
> link https://www.net-dns.org/download/Net-DNS-1.05_05.tar.gz
> sha1 404208b92ce318c5cb5682a232e1f2db8e34a62b
> asc https://www.net-dns.org/download/Net-DNS-1.05_05.tar.gz.asc
> Changes
> =======
> Fix rt.cpan.org #113579
> Net::DNS::Resolver dies on scoped IPv6 nameserver address
> Fix rt.cpan.org #113020
> Resolve::Recurse Hangs
> Fix rt.cpan.org #112860
> improperly terminated AXFR at t/08-IPv4.t line 446.
> Version: GnuPG v2
> Kwsae5K7TDUSVq7yEw+/XroZfSMImTLt3eL6Zvo1RGBCANpO11fogxkhJo1KvyQF
> FFsVkyqp4Vsbvz+08MACAYAPGs4LtgTJAoNkKyBCt6Ix9ktyOMaBBbEC+liVnGzc
> Rqz4DbScCJp2AwEKyfiRSc9vWELpphgYg2yonybVQ8ocHCtCmh8EG5rUDS2y43QO
> qz2PQ1wr1eDDV3dIJoVTbxx4CpZqZ+wZSqsKbswOTTj4RWdltwwO0uzDkeRzkRbZ
> KahjIFXmLZI3SmKXVknK3e6UMzQLNrV/nIs9tN620jWMKI+/EOuFqrAVmQHpft0L
> k0v0VcGIAEh6M1R9aD7DQGFmK0zoTkTOdGcVkKuPCoGpbrn3B0kFgZ/KJvU/FPMS
> 0mE5MTCZ2yp5SY8AApzezK1QXVkcZjDvGsz3/uE4F+8Y89xlYK0iKea2q+U+tXEI
> +LuaL4OxqPYMJRig8L3ItmAsrzGyvA5CIbGKRZM0aQRZclyBeCswVbP4gGlE9Jy9
> tKPB1lsJ7OYnO2R4vtPMKQzHBlK4UDvvotT2ZvSK6F6Whv7a4dMPMHzta5q8XLt6
> 6R5VL/bRLOJ7xApVMpEkISqhDazSL59jYx879SnlqGbIhmbYFbLFqEc/K1Uza2PW
> vf0TLQHw/iaasECklVNg
> =5WwU
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