[net-dns-users] AXFR (was: Re: sep() and is_sep())

Dick Franks rwfranks at acm.org
Tue Jun 3 20:32:23 UTC 2014

On 3 June 2014 19:49, Chris Buxton <clists at buxtonfamily.us> wrote:

> I'm curious, what was wrong with the implementation in 0.72? I've had to
> freeze my installations at that version, because later versions break my
> scripts. (Which is frustrating.) My scripts make heavy use of TSIG-signed
> zone transfers. Were the signatures not being validated before?
The present difficulty arises from making that wish come true.

I couldn't care less about Perl 5.8. But breaking my script by releasing a
> new version of Net::DNS is a big problem for me.
Some do care

> When you find a subroutine not working as intended, try to fix it without
> breaking the observed/documented behavior in other ways. Sometimes this is
> non-trivial to do, but it's important. If it cannot be done, don't fix the
> existing subroutine — introduce a new method, deprecate the old method, and
> document the whole thing.

That is guaranteed to upset almost every user.

> We saw this before when the format used for printing SOA records was
> changed. I have to hack in a replacement subroutine for
> Net::DNS::RR::SOA::format_rdata that reinstates the old behavior.
> The *only* requirement for printed RR formats is that they conform to
RFC1035 master file syntax.  Layout is unspecified and in some cases can
change depending on the size of the fields.
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