[net-dns-users] AXFR (was: Re: sep() and is_sep())

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Tue Jun 3 14:55:42 UTC 2014

On 2 jun. 2014, at 21:05, Dick Franks <rwfranks at acm.org> wrote:

> Change was clearly anticipated by somebody because the perldoc for 0.74 also contains a warning:
>     This method currently returns the "IO::Socket::INET" object that will be
>     used for reading, or "undef" on error. DO NOT DEPEND ON "axfr_start()"
>     returning a socket object. THIS MIGHT CHANGE in future releases.
> And it just did.

May 2002 this axfr_start feature was introduced. With the above warning. I cannot remember why and how that came in (whether it was a patch that was submitted at the time).

Even though I have more or less zoomed out of Net::DNS maintenance I have to agree with Calle, this is a change. I see axfr_start/axfr_next as useful utility methods, not as internal methods.


PS. Today I confessed to myself that I will have even less time for coding in the future than I have currently.  I will withdraw myself as co-maintainer from the Net::DNS suite and unsubscribe myself from the list. Note that Net::DNS has institutional commitment by NLnet Labs.
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