[net-dns-users] sep() and is_sep()

Calle Dybedahl calle at init.se
Wed May 28 12:16:19 UTC 2014

On 28 maj 2014, at 13:49, Willem Toorop <willem at nlnetlabs.nl> wrote:

> What would you like us to do now?  Re-release with the warning removed?
> Now the damage has been done already, it might be just as easy for
> modules using Net::DNS::SEC to adapt and re-release with an updated
> dependency.  What do you think?

Given that it’s not that serious a problem (I’m guessing that not many people are interested in the is_sep() method, and of those who are even fewer are writing libraries for third-party use), I can’t think of a course of action that’s not more bother than it’s worth. So I’m fine with just leaving it at “Oops, let’s try not to do that again”.

At a practical level, what I’ve done in DNSCheck is to change the code to use sep() instead of is_sep(), and monkey-patch a sep() method into Net::DNS::RR::DNSKEY if the Net::DNS::SEC version is 0.17 or lower. It’s not a pretty solution, but it works, so I thought I’d mention it here in case someone else is in a similar situation. 

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