[net-dns-users] sep() and is_sep()

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed May 28 11:49:02 UTC 2014


I think the best course of action for us would have been to:

1. Introduce the new functions that will replace old ones.
   The old functions should keep working the same as before
   (without printing warnings)
2. Release with a notification about the new function, and the fact
   that it will replace an old function.
3. Give users opportunity to switch to usage of the new function and
   adapt their dependency on the new module version.
4. Adapt the old function to print the deprecated warning and
   release again giving a warning about the function to be deprecated.

We'll make sure to use this procedure with similar cases in the future.

What would you like us to do now?  Re-release with the warning removed?
 Now the damage has been done already, it might be just as easy for
modules using Net::DNS::SEC to adapt and re-release with an updated
dependency.  What do you think?

-- Willem

op 27-05-14 14:42, Calle Dybedahl schreef:
> Hello.
> Net::DNS::SEC v0.18 deprecates the is_sep() method in Net::DNS::RR::DNSKEY, and emits a warning if it is used. This is easily fixed, of course, but if one does the resulting code no longer works at all with Net::DNS::SEC 0.17 and older.
> This change was not mentioned in the release announcement for Net::DNS 0.75 and Net::DNS::SEC 0.18. The most recent mention of the is_sep() method in Net::DNS::SEC’s Changes file is from 2005. Given the extraordinary weight that Net::DNS usually places on backwards compatibility, I find this change quite surprising.
> I cannot quite figure out what is the intended course of action for users of Net::DNS::SEC here. Are we supposed to force our own users to upgrade to 0.18? Not change our code, and let those who do upgrade Net::DNS::SEC simply put up with the deprecation warnings? Fix our code to check which version is installed and use the proper method, depending? 

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