[net-dns-users] List of API changes in versions after 0.68?

Calle Dybedahl calle at init.se
Wed Dec 19 07:40:15 UTC 2012

Hi there.

Is there a list somewhere of all the API changes in post-0.68 versions of Net::DNS? I've noticed two of them (what Net::DNS::RR::SOA->rname returns changed, and Net::DNS::RR->new($string) throws an exception instead of returning undef on failure), since they made our unit tests fail. I see here on the list that John Kristoff happened onto another (header count values aren't settable any longer). Which raises the suspicion that there are more of them.

Is there a list somewhere of all API changes? There is a Changes file, but as far as I can see none of the three changes above are mentioned in it. The diff between releases 0.68 and 0.71 is almost 35000 lines, so reading that is not really viable.

Note that I'm not arguing against any of the changes, I just want to know what they are, so I can adjust our code if necessary.

Calle Dybedahl
calle at init.se -*- +46 703 - 970 612

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