[ldns-users] whitespace bug in ldns-read-zone?

Robert Edmonds edmonds at debian.org
Tue Jun 17 18:25:02 UTC 2014


I was editing a zone file today and found a case that named-checkzone
parses without error, but ldns-read-zone does not.  Here is a reduced
test case reproducing the issue:

edmonds at chase{0}:/tmp$ cat test.zone
$TTL 1
@ SOA test. test. 1 1 1 1 1
 NS ns1.
 ; Comment.
 NS ns2.
edmonds at chase{0}:/tmp$ named-checkzone -D test ./test.zone
zone test/IN: loaded serial 1
test.                         1 IN SOA      test. test. 1 1 1 1 1
test.                         1 IN NS       ns1.
test.                         1 IN NS       ns2.
edmonds at chase{0}:/tmp$ ldns-read-zone -z ./test.zone 
Syntax error, could not parse the RR's TTL at 4
edmonds at chase{1}:/tmp$ ldns-read-zone -v
read zone version 1.6.17 (ldns version 1.6.17)
edmonds at chase{0}:/tmp$ 

Is this maybe a bug in ldns?

Robert Edmonds
edmonds at debian.org

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