[ldns-users] Tests in the ldns tarball

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Oct 22 12:56:46 UTC 2013

op 21-10-13 10:14, Tomas Hozza schreef:
> I wanted to ask what is the reason for not including tests in the
> tarball? I would like to run tests during each package build if
> they are available. Would it be possible to include tests in the
> (tarball) of future release of ldns?
Hi Tomas,

I use the tests for continuous integration.  On each push to the git 
repository, our CI-server checks out the latest commit and executes 
test/test_ci.sh.  I also use them to asses portability of ldns.

Not all tests are suitable for inclusion; For example the 
unbound-regressions test assumes you have an unbound installed compiled 
against a previous version of ldns. Tests that check for code style are 
probably less interesting for you.

Also the tests are packaged in tpkg package format, for which you need 
the tpkg program. Which, I believe, is not (yet) in a public 
repository.  (Though you can unpack them with "tar xz").

I can see the value of having unit tests in the tarball though, but it 
will need a bit of work to elliminate the environmental requirments... 
If you want to have a look at the tests now, you can check out the ldns 
repository from git (i.e. git clone http://git.nlnetlabs.nl/ldns ) and 
unpack the .tpkg files in the test directory with tar.

-- Willem

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