[ldns-users] patch for feature, and a bug report :)

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Fri Jun 1 21:52:14 UTC 2012

On Fri, 1 Jun 2012, Willem Toorop wrote:

> It is a nice idea. Though we cannot let ldns_rr2buffer_str_fmt alter the
> rr. It just has to print it. I've applied your patch with a few
> adaptations so it doesn't destroy the rr fed to ldns_rr2buffer_str_fmt.

It looks good, though I would replace printing "(null)" with "0". I
was just lazy in my patch.

And thanks for merging/rewriting the -p option for padding!!!

> In fact LDNS_COMMENT_KEY is set by default. LDNS_COMMENT_RRSIGS may not
> be used in our code, but may be used by users of the library. It is part
> of the published library API. We can not simply remove it because we
> don't use it ourselves. Someone else might.

Ah understood. Though the -b option to ldns-read-zone still seems
broken. I never see bubblebabble. The diff with and without -b shows:

> ubba07siftvdck58nh8gh6rdr52qrgf1.nohats.ca.	3600	IN	NSEC3
> 1 0 5 715e22f77cc2f0d7  v49osrpnehh59odbcpd91dmo21ed1pkv A AAAA RRSIG 
< 2bfea6kfe10im5ubfome6k9qrfb6r59n.nohats.ca.	3600	IN	NSEC3
1 0 5 715e22f77cc2f0d7  2i98vcbiuafk6ugr64fvl4frn4t23su6 ;{ flags: -}

So I do think the option handling code is still broken there.


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