[Dnssec-trigger] Help diagnose DNSSEC hostile network

Arne Jørgensen arne at arnested.dk
Fri Sep 12 05:05:53 UTC 2014


Recently something changed in the network at my work and now
Dnssec-Trigger bails out with "The Network Fails to Support DNSSEC".

Dnssec-Trigger still works fine on other networks so it seems obvious
that something changed somewhere in the network at work or at my
workplaces internet supplier.

If I am to report this as a problem I would like to supply them with a
more precise description of what they changed and how they could fix it
(otherwise the report will most likely be shelved).

What should I look for? What is the best way to diagnose such a problem?

The probe results contain this info: 

dnssec-trigger 0.12
results from probe at 2014-09-12 06:53:04

ssl443 error TCP connection failure
tcp80 error TCP connection failure
authority error timeout
http fedoraproject.org ( OK 
cache error timeout
cache error timeout
cache error timeout
cache error timeout

DNS queries are sent to INSECURE servers.
Please, be careful out there.

Kind regards,
Arne Jørgensen

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