[Dnssec-trigger] status of dnssec-trigger and NetworkManager in upstream and Fedora

Pavel Simerda psimerda at redhat.com
Mon Jun 23 15:01:06 UTC 2014


a number of patches have been accepted to dnssec-trigger upstream to support
seamless integration with NetworkManager. We're not done yet and but at least
we have something to test. The target release is Fedora 22:


I'm using Fedora rawhide for testing, always using the latest f21 koji build:


We hope to release an update for Fedora 20 as soon as possible. Upstream SVN
trunk can be used for testing as well – I'm using it on Gentoo using a live


During the testing I found out that the fallback mechanisms don't work for me at all. This
is covered by the following Fedora bug report:


Another issue is that full recursion is treated as a fallback that always works and the user
doesn't get the chance to use a non-DNSSEC configuration as he doesn't even know why DNS
resolution fails:


While there are other issues to be considered, the former issue linked here seems to spoil the
whole user experience of dnssec-trigger. I don't currently have any more information to identify
the version where the issue appeared. I'm just notifying you that about its existence for now.



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