newbie question: Allowing recursion

Havard Eidnes he at
Sat Feb 25 20:27:18 UTC 2023

> With unbound.conf configured to listen on, recursion
> works fine on the localhost. Where I'm stuck is providing recursion to
> other hosts, even if they are on an "allow" list. NSD and Unbound
> cannot both be bound to port 53 on the same interface. Do I really
> need two hosts here?

That would be the straight-forward and in some ways the simplest
way to deal with it.

An alternative method could be that you could assign one or two
"service" addresses and configure them on your loopback interface
as aliases, arrange routing so that those addresses are routed to
your host, and have unbound and nsd listen on different service


- Håvard

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