Extra Do53 listeners when enabling DoT/DoH

Simon Deziel simon at sdeziel.info
Thu Feb 9 18:04:02 UTC 2023

On 2023-02-09 12:47, A. Schulze via Unbound-users wrote:
> Am 08.02.23 um 17:35 schrieb Simon Deziel via Unbound-users:
>> Is is expected for Unbound (1.17.1) to create UDP/853 and UDP/443 
>> listeners when enabling DoT and DoH? AFAIK, those are supposed to work 
>> over TCP only. Also, it seems that those are Do53 UDP listeners.
> I never noted these unexpected listeners, but they are active here, too.
> And yes, the work as Do53.
> I also think, they shouldn't be there...

Good, reported: https://github.com/NLnetLabs/unbound/issues/843

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