Serving local subdomains

Neil Romig courier at
Wed Feb 1 13:08:58 UTC 2023

Trying to migrate from dnsmasq to unbound, I have a problem getting the setup to match.

I have domain which is hosted by our website service provider so I can browse to (no www needed). I also run a web server locally for various in-house systems which are
subdomains of - e.g, etc.

If I try to use config lines such as:

local-data: " IN A"
local-data:  " IN MX 1"
local-data: " IN A"
local-data-ptr: ""

I then cannot browse to and I am currently having to add a config line containing the actual IP address of the website at our hosting provider:

local-data: " IN A <website ip-address>"

Can anyone help me get this setup the right way?


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