Default Reverse Lookup name for unused IP in unbound

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> Ok with wildcard tip, I proceed little further.
> I added following record in reverse zone
> *       IN    PTR
> Now If I do nslookup for any LAN IP (pool 192.168.1.x/24) who doesn't have any PTR record, it resolves to
> >
> Name:
> Address:
> How can I turn this to default as (e.g:

You can either replace the wildcard record in the zone with lots of individual PTR records (this is more practical with IPv4 than IPv6) or you can...

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> Subject: Re: Default Reverse Lookup name for unused IP in unbound
> If you want to have a more special RDATA section in the reply, an
> active authoritative server is required, where ansvers are synthesized
> on-the-fly.

... do something like that.

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