Unbound DNS Server for Public Website & non used ips pointing to default domain

JAHANZAIB SYED aacable at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 23 09:09:53 UTC 2022

I am trying to get some basic ideas on dns/hosting.

I have purchased a public domain name example.com & the hosting provider have given me with cpanel accesss where I can add my dns records using cpanel zone editor.

I want to use my own UNBOUND dns server in replacement of hosting provider dns server. I have configured local Unbound DNS (on my public IP like & created all records like wwww/mx/few hosts.

How can I use my unbound dns as my domain primary dns? example If I change the primary NS on Cpanel and point it to (unbound) , will all resolving for example.com will be done via my unbound server?

Few records example at Unbound:

  *   server:
  *   local-data: "host1.example.com A"
  *   local-data: "mail.example.com A"
  *   local-data-ptr: " host1.example.com"
  *   local-data-ptr: " mail.example.com"

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