Serve-expired not working in combination with send-client-subnet ?

Marco Davids (SIDN) marco.davids at
Tue Nov 29 14:03:22 UTC 2022

Hi Yorgos,

Op 29-11-2022 om 14:36 schreef George (Yorgos) Thessalonikefs via 

> if your answers are stored in the ECS cache, serve-expired logic will 
> not be able to find them.
> If your answers are stored in the global cache (because based on your 
> configuration the upstream has no support for ECS) then serve-expired 
> logic will be able to find them after the serve-expired-client-timeout.
> Is that what you experience?

Yep, so it seems.

Too bad I can't have both. But thank you for explaining!

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