Serve-expired not working in combination with send-client-subnet ?

Marco Davids (SIDN) marco.davids at
Tue Nov 29 12:57:36 UTC 2022


I have an unbound.conf [1] that has both the 'serve-expired'-options and 
'send-client-subnet'-options enabled.

And in that case the serving stale data feature does no longer work.

Only after I remove the 'send-client-subnet'-lines, the serving stale 
data functionality is working again.

Is that a bug or a feature?


[1] Demo-config, tested with Unbound 1.17.0:

         serve-expired: yes
         serve-expired-ttl: 8640
         serve-expired-client-timeout: 1800

# Breaks serve stale!
#       send-client-subnet:
#       send-client-subnet: ::0/0
#       client-subnet-always-forward: yes
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