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Joe Abley jabley at
Sun Nov 20 16:32:29 UTC 2022

On Nov 20, 2022, at 11:02, Humberto da Silva via Unbound-users <unbound-users at> wrote:

> Yes, this is the command I used.
> The first e-mail I sent had two prints of the commands and was too large. 
> So I used an website to convert image to text (clearly AI can't takeover the world 🤣🤣). 

Lots of people seem to have acquired the general habit of taking screenshots ("prints") of text instead of just sending plain text when they want to illustrate some problem at the command line. I don't know why.

In this case you created a bitmap of some text and then used optical character recognition to turn that bitmap back into text, a process that almost guarantees some number of errors in a situation where accuracy is important and is definitely a lot more work.

Surely you realise all of this and your comment was intended to be self-deprecating and ironic (in which case well done, I like it) but in case anybody else didn't read it that way:

Please cut and paste text when you want to send text! 

It's more accurate, more accessible, easier to search, consumes less storage and bandwidth and your volunteer  audience who you hope will do you the generous favour of reading it will appreciate all of these things.


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