How stop the system which creates the file resolvconf_resolver.conf in unbound.conf.d ?

dy1977 at dy1977 at
Mon Jun 6 16:19:31 UTC 2022

I found the answer to the question below just 15 minutes after I posted 
the question (I have worked on this problem for weeks).

The cause is the following line in /etc/reslvconf.conf :


Delete or comment it, delete the file, restart unbound, and all is OK.



Since I updated some of my systems to Debian 11 , I have seen appearing 
in my unbound.conf.d directory a strange file named resolvconf_resolver.conf

It is impossible to modify or delete this file, it is recreated in its 
previous state when I restart unbound.

I have the proof on two systems that it is the cause of at least some of 
the validation failure I have since I am in Debian . The content of this 
file is :

# Generated by resolvconf

     name: "home"

     name: "."

The IP address is the address of my internet box. Setting this as a 
forward zone does not seem a good idea.

I find incredible that an external system activates a forward-zone 
without my consent.

How can I disable that ?

I do not have the resolvconf packet installed. I do not find a systemd 
configuration. I really do not know where this comes from.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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