Any plans to add XDP?

Petr Špaček pspacek at
Thu Feb 3 07:45:38 UTC 2022

On 01. 02. 22 22:01, Юрий Иванов via Unbound-users wrote:
> Hi Willem,
> Thanks for your reply. Very cool you'll incorporate XDP into NSD.
> Yes, I think Unbound will have great benefit from having XDP too in case 
> It will speed up recursion. 😉
> Would be cool to here opinion from community too. 😉

Speaking with community hat on, it will almost certainly not speed up 
recursion. The recursion part is dominated by latency to auths. It might 
speed up answering cache hits, but only if your clients are not sold on 
idea of DoT/DoH.

Petr Špaček

> Kind regards, Yuri
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> Hi Юрий,
> For NSD definitely! We started with that effort in October 2020 already
> (see: 
> <> ), but had to
> postpone at the time due to lack of resources. We are in a better
> position now and are planning to pick it up again early this year.
> Do you think XDP would be valuable for Unbound as well?
> Kind regards,
> -- Willem
> Op 31-01-2022 om 19:25 schreef Юрий Иванов via Unbound-users:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any plans to add XDP to Unbound/NSD?
>> Looks like some projects already using it.

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