unbound-control reload and network bridge

Mark Abram marek.w.abram at gmail.com
Mon May 17 20:48:10 UTC 2021

I have a curious non-pressing case with unbound-control reload process.
​I had this issue for a long time and only recently I was able to narrow the problem. I have the following bridge configuration
​bridge name        bridge id                STP enabled        interfaces
br0                8000.04922680ab50        yes                eth3, eth4,eth5,eth6
br100        8000.04922680ab50        yes                eth1,eth2
​unbound.conf​ below. Unbound is running on br0. br100 is a network segment
​        port: 53
​        interface:
​When I try executing unbound-control -c /opt/var/lib/unbound/unbound.conf reload, it returns status "OK" but it actually fails to start. The process is just not there. I have to start it with
​unbound-control start. Below is what I see in the syslog. What is interesting, if I remove br100 everything works. br100 bridge is a separate network segment.
With both br0 and br100 everything is working fine and all clients on br0 and br100 use unbound without issues. Start and Stop executes fine. Reloading individual RPZ zones is working too.
​Only issue is with reload, but as I said - if I remove br100 reload command starts to work properly. Any ideas what maybe causing it? I did -dd to try finding more info but there is none. Level 4 logging.
May 17 14:24:12 unbound: [27988:0] notice: Restart of unbound 1.13.1.
May 17 14:24:12 unbound: [27988:0] fatal error: Could not read config file: /unbound/unbound.conf. Maybe try unbound -dd, it stays on the commandline to see more errors, or unbound-checkconf​     

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