Web site for checking DoH servers - free

Peter Russell jpgpi250 at gmail.com
Mon May 17 20:27:08 UTC 2021 : I assume this is because the 'name' isn't really a domain.

My assumption: 
- using this json file:
- using jq (or something else) to parse json files
But they are extracting the 'name' field for 'proto' DoH servers witch
doesn't contain a valid domain name.
By extracting the domain name from the 'addrs' field, they should get better

Read my earlier comment on this subject, the database contains a lot more
information than just this one list.
The database can be used to generate an unbound configuration file to block
all known DoH domains.
An example (there are other methods) can be found here:

Most people (administrators) want to block DoH, not verify if it works...

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> Better with the link J
> http://dohservers.unveiltech.com

The IP address is always displayed as (even for IPv6 servers).

Latency is not really useful if we don't know from where the measurements
are done.

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