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I've been hosting a consolidated list of DoH servers on GitHub for a while
now. The original lists (sources) can be found in the documentation and the


IPv4 list: https://github.com/jpgpi250/piholemanual/blob/master/DOHipv4.txt

IPv6 List: https://github.com/jpgpi250/piholemanual/blob/master/DOHipv6.txt


I was made aware (see issue
https://github.com/jpgpi250/piholemanual/issues/7) the results are
regionally different, so I also published the database, the lists are
generated from.

The database contains all domains, including removed, so the timestamp field
is important (database example queries in the documentation)


Database (sqlite3) :


You can find more information, general and pfsense specific, in the document
I created to explain things.

It also contains a method to generate pi-hole blocklists, but the same
queries can be used to generate unbound filters (useful for people who want
to ensure DoH will not be allowed on their network)


Documentation: http://users.telenet.be/MySQLplaylist/blockDOH.pdf


Your link: http://dohservers.unveiltech.com



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Hi All,


We made a simple and easy web site for checking public DoH servers (list
from dnscrypt.info) that you can use if you're using the couple
Unbound/DnsCrypt or other DoH proxies in order if DoH services resolve,
block and are alive.

It's hosted on a small server, so be nice if you don't get results as fast
as expected :)


All feedbacks are welcome.

Site is free to use.


Best regards,



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