Bernardo Reino reinob at bbmk.org
Sat Jan 16 14:45:11 UTC 2021

On 14/01/2021 15:30, Leandro Roggerone via Unbound-users wrote:
> Hi guys.
> Im trying to find without success how to create a whitelist to bypass 
> false positive domains listed on my blocklist.
> So far ... what I do is to remove false positives from blocklist.
> This is not so effective since , I will need to do everytime I update my 
> lists.
> Do you know how to implement whitelist ?

I have an "update_adblock" script, which runs every week. It downloads a 
blacklist (StevenBlack) and automatically removes entries matching a 
whitelist I have (a sorted file having one whitelisted host per line).

This is done using "comm -23 blacklist_sorted whitelist_sorted" so that 
only hosts unique to the blacklist (i.e. not present in the whitelist) 
are output.

 From there I build my unbound config (local-zone, local-data, etc.).


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