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Paul Vixie paul at
Tue Jan 12 21:30:55 UTC 2021

as the co-inventor of the Realtime Blackhole List (RBL) and Response Policy
Zone (RPZ) technologies i request, yet again, that everyone please stop
referring to either one as a "block" list. that's an invented term, invented
by marketing departments, and is both technically inaccurate and hazardous to
civil liability.  blocking is something we might *do*, but is not part of some
set of things we might *have*.

that said, i have written previously on the subject of your question:

so, while i also use some RPZ's from spamhaus and abusix, i get most of my
results by negating any dns name which points to an IP address in the spamhaus
DROP or cymru BOGONS lists (see second link above.)



On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 10:57:53AM -0300, Leandro Roggerone via Unbound-users wrote:
> Hi , guys , im looking for some bloking list to add to my dnss.
> After some research I got following list wich seems to be updated often:
> [](link url)
> [](link url)
> Can you suggest some blocking lists ?
> My idea is to block only malware and not ads.
> Regards.
> Leandro.
> <>
> Libre
> de virus.
> <>
> <#DAB4FAD8-2DD7-40BB-A1B8-4E2AA1F9FDF2>

Paul Vixie

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