Windows: Rotating the log file

RayG rgsub1 at
Mon Jan 11 17:17:55 UTC 2021

Hi Joe,

I did have a syslog server but the Solarwinds (not flavour of the month
these days) wanted a shed load of money to keep it up to date. I have not
looked into trying another one at this time. 

IMHO I think this is possible something Unbound on Windows should support,
it does not sound like a big thing to implement. Bit then I am not writing
the software, I hope they can kelp in this aspect.


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> Everything I have tried so far in renaming or moving the file while 
> Unbound is running has not worked.


If you could find a syslog server that would handle log create/write/rotate
itself then that might fit more naturally within what I assume are platform
security/access limitations. Then unbound just logs to syslog.


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