Windows: Rotating the log file

RayG rgsub1 at
Mon Jan 11 16:33:14 UTC 2021

Hi Jaap,

Everything I have tried so far in renaming or moving the file while Unbound
is running has not worked. The only way would seem to be Stop/Rename/Start
but as I said this can (and has) caused an issue more than once as running
the task on a schedule it Just runs regardless of what else unbound may be

If I could I would do what you suggest but I cannot.


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 RayG via Unbound-users writes:

 > I took a look and it would appear to work in the same way that I had  >
envisaged. The unbound process has to be stopped to gain access, the log  >
file renamed and unbound restarted at which point it will create a new  >
log file.

Under UNIX , you want first to rename the ld logfile and then restart
unbound/reoepn the logfile. I donlt know whether Windows behaves the same.


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