Libunbound: interface to access AUTHORITY section data

Ryan Sundberg ryan at
Thu Feb 25 07:20:02 UTC 2021

Hello unbound users,

I was looking for a way to analyze the NS records for a domain by
querying directly against the registrar. It should be useful for any use
case where the client wants to inspect the AUTHORITY response section.
Please take a look at the attached patch, which adds an `authority_data`
list to unbound.h exposing the AUTHORITY response section, following the
implementation of the `data` pointer for the ANSWER section. With this
feature I have avoided touching any core unbound code to KISS and
minimize any risk of error. Please let me know if you would find this
useful to merge. Thank you!



/Ryan Sundberg/
Principal Software Engineer
Arctype Corp. <> | 1-833-ARCTYPE

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