Default domain for home network

Koos Pol koos2020 at
Sun Feb 7 15:25:43 UTC 2021

Background: I have Unbound running on OPNSense as my home network DNS 

Question: Is there a setting to have Unbound resolve plain host names 
(*cookie*) against my default LAN domain (*sesame.street*)?

At home, my laptops use /etc/resolv.conf, so everything without a domain 
name (*cookie*), automatically gets the local LAN domain for free 
(*sesame.street*). Now everything resolves just fine: 
But I'm running into this issue with the Android phones, which seem to 
strictly query host names (without the local domain name). (Ofcourse, 
they are on DHCP so to do have the local domain name.) As a result, 
Unbound doesn't resolve those queries, but forwards *cookie* to the root 
servers. Which is kinda silly.


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