Localise queries

José Ramón Muñoz Pekkarinen koalinux at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 09:30:00 UTC 2021


	I have unbound setup in my openwrt router, defining
it with the minimal config to define dns related stuff in unbound.conf,
that is, in /etc/config/unbound I just define the following lines:

config unbound 'ub_main'
        option manual_conf '1'

	In unbound.conf I define a local domain like:

        local-zone: router.mydomain.com. static
        domain-insecure: router.mydomain.com
        private-domain: router.mydomain.com

	And some local data to point to the router:

local-data: "router.mydomain.com. IN A 
local-data: "gw.router.mydomain.com A 

	When I connect to the wifi(, and I ping
gw.router.mydomain.com, the answer is showing, instead of Somehow, I fail to find the option to produce this behaviour,
can anybody help?


	José Pekkarinen.

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