cache sizing best practices

Florian Weimer fw at
Sun Mar 29 09:00:33 UTC 2020

* Christoph via Unbound-users:

> I' wondering whether there are any best practice for setting/optimizing
> the values for
> 	msg-cache-size
> 	rrset-cache-size
> 	key-cache-size
> 	neg-cache-size
> Is it as simple as "choose a value as big as possible" (limited only by
> available resources)
> or does an increased cache size also increase the time for cache
> lookups? (probably not as much as having to redo the lookup via the
> network?)
> Is this a sensible idea:
> Increase the cache sizes until the cache hit rate stops growing?
> The optimize howto does not include specific information on this topic

Have you received an answer to your question?

I don't see any statistics which indicate whether records had to be
evicted from the cache to keep its size within the configured limit
(or just the size of the current cache).  I assume that could help
with cache sizing, too.

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