Always Respond to NS record requests....

Amir A. thesubmitter at
Mon Mar 23 13:53:03 UTC 2020


For our purposes we need a DNS server to always respond to  NS record requests. The problem is subdomains seem not to have NS records created for them even if the root domain as an NS record created.


  1.  When a client asking for the NS record of a subdomain if it doesn't exist I want unbound to return the NS record of the APEX domain

  2.  If that doesn't work then at least return a static entry for any NS record request of ANY domain or subdomain

The solution I have right now is:

local-zone: typetransparent
local-data: " ns"

but that would require me to add an entry for every single "" and ""

Anybody have a better solution?

Thanks In Advance!

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