Unbound randomly fails to resolve names

RayG rgsub1 at btinternet.com
Sat Jul 11 12:33:09 UTC 2020



Is no one else seeing this issue?


I have seen no replies from nlnetlabs or anyone else.


There must be a reason why things are failing?


Puzzle by the lack of response.




From: RayG <rgsub1 at btinternet.com> 
Sent: 01 July 2020 15:31
To: unbound-users at nlnetlabs.nl
Subject: Unbound randomly fails to resolve names




After resolving my performance issues in the thread :


"Unbound can be made unresponsive when using DoT" in the June archives.


I now need to understand why Unbound randomly fails to resolve names and
causes various processes on my system to work incorrectly.

I hope the unbound users list allows attachments I have tried to add a zip
file GetRootHints.zip which contains all the data to cause the issue.


It contains a short PowerShell script just to obtain named.root from:




Examples of what happens when it fails and also when it works.


The unbound log file for both working and failing - verbosity 4


I have also included the Unbound configuration file details


So if anyone can advise why things are going wrong and how to correct them
if indeed I can by changing the configuration.


It would also be useful to know if this example fails on other systems.


The zip file can also be found on MSOneDrive here:






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