Unbound on Raspberry Pi

dy1977 at orange.fr dy1977 at orange.fr
Mon Jan 27 02:57:39 UTC 2020


Is it possible to have unbound listen to two ports ? The "port" option 
supports only one value and cannot be used several times, only the last 
value is used.

I am using unbound to handle black and white lists with a python script. 
Incoming queries are redirected to port 5353 by nftables and unbound 
listens to this port. It works very well. Even if the machine which 
connects has an IP set for DNS (example, this will not prevent 
the packet to be intercepted by unbound.

But what for the queries from the machine which is running unbound ? To 
be able to filter them, I have to set resolv.conf to It works 
very well, provided unbound listens to port 53.

I have not been able to put both things together.

Any idea would be appreciated.



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