Configure Unbound To Listen For Queries On Multiple Ports From Clients And Answers To Clients

Simon Deziel simon at
Fri Feb 28 18:46:54 UTC 2020


On 2020-02-28 1:20 p.m., Sheikh Muhammed Ayub via Unbound-users wrote:
> Can anyone help me in configuring unbound to listen for client queries
> on multiple ports and answer to clients.

I don't think you can listen on a range of ports, you need to list them

> interface: <ip address[@port]> can be used to hardcode the port but is
> there any  way that i can define a range of ports for unbound server
> to listen client queries let say range from port 1024-54444.

I'm wondering why you'd do this? If you really need this, I'd do it with
DNAT/REDIRECT instead of creating ~50k sockets.


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