FreeBSD's bundled unbound answers SERVFAIL

Wolfgang Zenker zenker at
Thu Feb 20 13:54:02 UTC 2020


a few things we learned in the last couple of days:
- the actual "live time" for these SERVFAIL answers is somewhere
  between 12 and 30 minutes, probably 15 minutes. After that unbound
  "magically" works again.
- "unbound-control flush ." fixes it most of the times, but not always.
  Sometimes only stopping and starting unbound restores operation
- we forward requests to a Bind nameserver via IPv6. Restarting that
  nameserver or flushing its cache does not result in unbound working
- dumping the unbound cache during failure works and the result looks
  like a normal cache dump, frequently holding the entries that we just
  looked for but got SERVFAIL (and will get SERVFAIL again when asking
  for them during the "failure livetime").

Any ideas, known problems, etc?

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