Dysmas de Lassus dy1977 at orange.fr
Tue Feb 18 11:55:56 UTC 2020

Hello Andreas,

in your last answer to Sheikh Muhammed Ayub you write :


-> if you have only one non loopback address, you don't need this

The meaning of this parameter has always been unclear for me. I read 
several times the doc, but it remains obscure. The question is practical :

I have three interfaces : eth0, eth1 and wlan0. eth1 and wlan0 are 
connected to the LAN, so the only outgoing interface is eth0. Presently, 
I have no "outgoning-interface" in my configuration, and unbound works 
very well without it, but perhjaps at the cost o f a slowdown ? Giving a 
value to this parameter is uneasy since eth0 is in DHCP (and must be in 
DHCP when the device is a mobile). Perhaps this parameter was added for 
more complex networks. Presently I don't use it, I wanted only to know 
if it is OK like that. Thanks.


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