Unbound 1.10.0rc1 pre-release

Ralph Dolmans ralph at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Feb 17 13:02:12 UTC 2020

Hi Andreas,

On 14-02-2020 23:18, A. Schulze via Unbound-users wrote:
> A Question on "module-config":
> The default is usually "validator iterator". To enable rpz, docs say "respip validator iterator" should be used.
> That work. But I had enabled the module "subnetcache" for testing purposes, too.
> Now, unbound-checkconf fail for
>   module-config: "respip subnetcache validator iterator" and also
>   module-config: "subnetcache respip validator iterator"
> but again: unbound itself do start with both versions. Which one should be used?

Thank you for your testing and reporting!

"respip subnetcache .." should work. I changed unbound-checkconf to
accept that configuration. See changes in:

-- Ralph

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