Unbound 1.10.0rc1 pre-release

Marek Zarychta zarychtam at plan-b.pwste.edu.pl
Fri Feb 14 19:16:19 UTC 2020

W dniu 14.02.2020 o 19:35, Yuri via Unbound-users pisze:
> Built without issues on Solaris and running.
> Seems ok.
> Good work!

The same for FreeBSD, 1.10.rc1 has built fine and is running flawlessly
for over 24 hours in a production environment with RPZ config enabled.

> 13.02.2020 18:41, Wouter Wijngaards via Unbound-users пишет:
>> Hi,
>> Unbound 1.10.0rc1 pre-release is available:
>> https://nlnetlabs.nl/downloads/unbound/unbound-1.10.0rc1.tar.gz
>> sha256 cee1761b7801ae1f6e37f8a81f0646b93ad62bad565fe8459d46661073ca8440
>> pgp https://nlnetlabs.nl/downloads/unbound/unbound-1.10.0rc1.tar.gz.asc
>> This is the maintainers' pre-release.
>> The 1.10.0rc1 release has RPZ support and serve stale functionality
>> according to draft draft-ietf-dnsop-serve-stale-10.  And a number of
>> other, smaller, features, and bug fixes.
>> The DNS Response Policy Zones (RPZ) functionality makes it possible
>> to express DNS response policies in a DNS zone. These zones can
>> be loaded from file or transferred over DNS zone transfers or
>> HTTP. The RPZ functionality in Unbound is implemented as specified in
>> draft-vixie-dnsop-dns-rpz-00. Only the QNAME and Response IP Address
>> triggers are supported. The supported RPZ actions are: NXDOMAIN, NODATA,
>> PASSTHRU, DROP and Local Data.
>> Enabling the respip module using `module-config` is required to use
>> RPZ. Each RPZ zone can be configured using the `rpz` clause. RPZ clauses
>> are applied in order of configuration.  Unbound can get the data from
>> zone transfer, a zonefile or https url, and more options are documented
>> in the man page.  A minimal RPZ configuration that will transfer the
>> RPZ zone using AXFR and IXFR can look like:
>> server:
>>   module-config: "respip validator iterator"
>> rpz:
>>   name: "rpz.example.com" # name of the policy zone
>>   master:	  # address of the name server to transfer from
>> The serve-stale functionality as described in
>> draft-ietf-dnsop-serve-stale-10 is now supported in unbound.
>> This allows unbound to first try and resolve a domain name before
>> replying with expired data from cache.  This differs from unbound's
>> initial serve-expired behavior which attempts to reply with expired
>> entries from cache without waiting for the actual resolution to finish.
>> Both behaviors are available and can be configured with the various
>> serve-expired-* configuration options.  serve-expired-client-timeout is
>> the option that enables one or the other.
>> The DSA algorithms have been disabled by default, this is because of
>> RFC 8624.
>> There is a crash fix in the parse of text of type WKS, reported by
>> X41 D-Sec.
>> In addition, neg and key caches can be shared with multiple
>> libunbound contexts, a change that assists unwind.  The
>> contrib/unbound_portable.service provides a systemd start file for a
>> portable setup.  The configure --with-libbsd option allows the use
>> of the bsd compatibility library so that it can use the arc4random
>> from it.  The stats in contrib/unbound_munin_ have num.query.tls and
>> num.query.tls.resume added to them.  For unbound-control the command
>> view_local_datas_remove is added that removes data from a view.
>> Features:
>> - Merge RPZ support into master. Only QNAME and Response IP triggers are
>>   supported.
>> - Added serve-stale functionality as described in
>>   draft-ietf-dnsop-serve-stale-10. `serve-expired-*` options can be used
>>   to configure the behavior.
>> - Updated cachedb to honor `serve-expired-ttl`; Fixes #107.
>> - Renamed statistic `num.zero_ttl` to `num.expired` as expired replies
>>   come with a configurable TTL value (`serve-expired-reply-ttl`).
>> - Merge #135 from Florian Obser: Use passed in neg and key cache
>>   if non-NULL.
>> - Fix #153: Disable validation for DSA algorithms.  RFC 8624 compliance.
>> - Merge PR#151: Fixes for systemd units, by Maryse47, Edmonds
>>   and Frzk.  Updates the unbound.service systemd file and adds a portable
>>   systemd service file.
>> - Merge PR#154; Allow use of libbsd functions with configure option
>>   --with-libbsd. By Robert Edmonds and Steven Chamberlain.
>> - Merge PR#148; Add some TLS stats to unbound_munin_. By Fredrik Pettai.
>> - Merge PR#156 from Alexander Berkes; Added unbound-control
>>   view_local_datas_remove command.
>> Bug Fixes:
>> - Fix typo to let serve-expired-ttl work with ub_ctx_set_option(), by
>>   Florian Obser
>> - Update mailing list URL.
>> - Fix #140: Document slave not downloading new zonefile upon update.
>> - Downgrade compat/getentropy_solaris.c to version 1.4 from OpenBSD.
>>   The dl_iterate_phdr() function introduced in newer versions raises
>>   compilation errors on solaris 10.
>> - Changes to compat/getentropy_solaris.c for,
>>   ifdef stdint.h inclusion for older systems.  ifdef sha2.h inclusion
>>   for older systems.
>> - Fix 'make test' to work for --disable-sha1 configure option.
>> - Fix out-of-bounds null-byte write in sldns_bget_token_par while
>>   parsing type WKS, reported by Luis Merino from X41 D-Sec.
>> - Updated sldns_bget_token_par fix for also space for the zero
>>   delimiter after the character.  And update for more spare space.
>> - Fix #138: stop binding pidfile inside chroot dir in systemd service
>>   file.
>> - Fix the relationship between serve-expired and prefetch options,
>>   patch from Saksham Manchanda from Secure64.
>> - Fix unreachable code in ssl set options code.
>> - Removed the dnscrypt_queries and dnscrypt_queries_chacha tests,
>>   because dnscrypt-proxy (2.0.36) does not support the test setup
>>   any more, and also the config file format does not seem to have the
>>   appropriate keys to recreate that setup.
>> - Fix crash after reload where a stats lookup could reference old key
>>   cache and neg cache structures.
>> - Fix for memory leak when edns subnet config options are read when
>>   compiled without edns subnet support.
>> - Fix auth zone support for NSEC3 records without salt.
>> - Merge PR#150 from Frzk: Systemd unit without chroot.  It add
>>   contrib/unbound_nochroot.service.in, a systemd file for use with
>>   chroot: "", see comments in the file, it uses systemd protections
>>   instead.  It was superceded by #151, the unbound_portable.service
>>   file.
>> - Merge PR#155 from Robert Edmonds: contrib/libunbound.pc.in: Fixes
>>   to Libs/Requires for crypto library dependencies.
>> - iana portlist updated.
>> - Fix to silence the tls handshake errors for broken pipe and reset
>>   by peer, unless verbosity is set to 2 or higher.
>> - Merge PR#147; change rfc reference for reserved top level dns names.
>> - Fix #157: undefined reference to `htobe64'.
>> - Fix subnet tests for disabled DSA algorithm by default.
>> - Update contrib/fastrpz.patch for clean diff with current code.
>> - updated .gitignore for added contrib file.
>> - Add build rule for ipset to Makefile
>> - Add getentropy_freebsd.o to Makefile dependencies.
>> - Fix memory leak in error condition remote.c
>> - Fix double free in error condition view.c
>> - Fix memory leak in do_auth_zone_transfer on success
>> - Stop working on socket when socket() call returns an error.
>> - Check malloc return values in TLS session ticket code
>> - Fix fclose on error in TLS session ticket code.
>> - Add assertion to please static analyzer
>> - Fixed stats when replying with cached, cname-aliased records.
>> - Added missing default values for redis cachedb backend.
>> - Fix num_reply_addr counting in mesh and tcp drop due to size
>>   after serve_stale commit.
>> - Fix to create and destroy rpz_lock in auth_zones structure.
>> - Fix to lock zone before adding rpz qname trigger.
>> - Fix to lock and release once in mesh_serve_expired_lookup.
>> - Fix to put braces around empty if body when threading is disabled.
>> - Fix num_reply_states and num_detached_states counting with
>>   serve_expired_callback.
>> - Cleaner code in mesh_serve_expired_lookup.
>> - Document in unbound.conf manpage that configuration clauses can be
>>   repeated in the configuration file.
>> - Document 'ub_result.was_ratelimited' in libunbound.
>> - Fix use after free on log-identity after a reload; Fixes #163.
>> - Fix with libnettle make test with dsa disabled.
>> - Fix contrib/fastrpz.patch to apply cleanly.  Fix for serve-stale
>>   fixes, but it does not compile, conflicts with new rpz code.
>> - Fix to clean memory leak of respip_addr.lock when ip_tree deleted.
>> - Fix compile warning when threads disabled.
>> Best regards, Wouter

Marek Zarychta

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