FreeBSD's bundled unbound answers SERVFAIL

Patrick M. Hausen hausen at
Mon Feb 10 11:02:22 UTC 2020

Hi all,

we are experiencing weird failures for local unbound installations
on FreeBSD. Under circumstances that we are not able to pinpoint
yet, the service answers SERVFAIL for every single request
including e.g. ". ns".

unbound-control flush-negative or flush-bogus does not fix the
problem, only a complete restart does so immediately.
If we do not restart the service the problem vanishes again after
some time between 12 and 90 minutes maximum.

The version bundled seems to be 1.5.10.

Is this a known problem in this somewhat older version?
We could replace it with one from FreeBSD ports/packages.

If not, how would one go about getting more diagnostic output?

Thanks in advance,
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