George Thessalonikefs george at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Feb 10 09:38:59 UTC 2020

Hi Felipe,

That wasn't the intention; seems I missed to update the manpage when I
introduced the field.
It is now commited on master.

'was_ratelimited' will be true if ratelimiting is enabled in unbound
(via the ratelimit* options) that results in SERVFAIL answers back to
the client.
'was_ratelimited' will be useful then if you want to queue the query for

Thanks for noticing!

Best regards,
-- George

On 09/02/2020 19:03, Felipe Gasper via Unbound-users wrote:
> Hello,
> 	Is “was_ratelimited” intended to be undocumented? There’s no mention of it in libunbound(3).
> 	Thank you!
> -FG

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