python script - is the connection http or https ?

dy1977 at dy1977 at
Sat Feb 8 12:36:35 UTC 2020


we are using unbound an Internet filter, which is a critical applacation 
now to protect children (and not only...) from some dangers of Internet. 
The filter is working fine, thanks for the help already received. There 
is still a desired improvement.

When a domain is forbidden, the python script replies with a valid DNS 
answer, directed to an error page. No problem in http. But in https, the 
result is a warning from the browser since it receives a certificate 
which is not valid for the requested domain. It is better in this case 
to return a NXDOMAIN.

Now my question : is it possible to know if the connection is http or 
https ? It would allow to choose the best option for each case.



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