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Luiz Fernando Softov fernando at softov.com.br
Thu Aug 27 00:18:04 UTC 2020

Hi. There isd a lot of ISP in Brazil using Unbound as DNS.
Some of then with 100 clients, a lot with 1000 and go on.

Using to accept recursive cached requests with ACL.

We had a SO with an Unbound Web UI, called BrbOS.
It's a FresBSD 64, running our mod kernel.

The config is the secret. :)

It will mainly be based on how many clients, aka requests
and how much hardware do you have
memory to cache, HD to save and reload cache if needed
CPU/processors, to run threads

1 thread per core, power of 2 slabs

then you need to consider using root servers or forwards.
Forwards and good, but sometimes they cause problems.
Root servers are good, sometimes you got stuck in a BGP or some cached
Sometimes work fine for like a year without needed to clear cache

Maybe this gives you some info about config.

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> El 26/8/20 a las 04:19, Tomas Netk via Unbound-users escribió:
> > Hello,
> > is anyone using Ubound for ISP, and can share config file ? Im new for
> > DNS and I would like to check config to get better understanding.
> >
> > Thank you very much
> hi there
> I think that the alternative for an authoritative DNS will be NSD
> instead of unbound.
> In my case I have ISPCONFIG for our first DNS (ispconfig+bind), and then
> rsync every few minutes to my second DNS (the NSD one) and "slightly"
> transform the configuration from bind to nsd.
> if you need more details you may write me directly. It is somehow easy.
> regards
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