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Since the Windows 10 V2004 update has been out and about, every time I have
upgraded a system I have had issues with the networking. Windows thought
that it was not connected to the internet. The little system tray icon
always showed the  little world icon (as I call it) to say no internet
access. I could never get it to show the little TV screen icon to say
networking was up and running and the internet was fully accessible.


I was made aware of this issue:

where blocking MS telemetry IP addresses (DNS Names) via the hosts file
would cause Windows Defender to complain that the hosts file had been
"infected" and would return it to defaults depending on how you answered
Defenders prompt. This apparently has been the case sine the end of July.


This got me thinking and I have now upgraded my desktop to V2004 again and
low and behold - networking issues.


I use Macrium Reflect as backup software and that allows me to take a backup
and then convert that into a VM. I did this and then played with the Unbound


What I found was:


Any reference to 127.0.0.x or ::1 for DNS entries in the Adapter
configuration causes the networking to fail to detect internet access is
available. I don't know if this is intentional on MS's behalf or a bug -
time will perhaps tell.


That said, if I changed the Adapter configuration so that it pointed to the
IPV4 and IPV6 address the IPCONFIG /ALL 


   IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : :x:x:x:x(Preferred)

   IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : x.x.x.x(Preferred)


For the DNS server entries then the networking worked correctly if I also
set the "interface:" and "access_control" definitions in the unbound
configuration file to the same addresses


interface: :x:x:x:x

interface: x.x.x.x




access_control: :x:x:x:x allow_snoop

access_control: x.x.x.x allow_snoop


I also commented out the references to and ::1


I don't know if anyone else is having these issues but hopefully the above
will help.


I would also be VERY interested if nlnetlabs have come across this issue and
how they have resolved it and if indeed it happens on anyone else's



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