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Tue Apr 21 16:11:53 UTC 2020

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> Am 21.04.20 um 15:46 schrieb Michael Ströder via Unbound-users:
>> I currently see problems resolving domain through unbound.
>> It perfectly works with PowerDNS recursor.
> likely it's not only unbounds fault:

I haven't looked at this particular issue at all, but in the past I have seen individual nameservers that are authoritative for particular zones drop in and out during periods of high traffic or instability (e.g. attack, routing oscillations, flash crowds, other issues).

The stock configuration of the unbound packages I have used over the years has seemed to me to be quite aggressive at penalising nameservers that are unavailable to avoid repeated queries; I have definitely seen examples where all the nameservers for a particular domain are penalised simultaneously because they have been individually unavailable during a short period, even though there had not been a time where all of the nameservers were unavailable simultaneously (to the extent that I could tell).

This is observation is highly anecdotal and not supported by data but I thought I'd mention it anyway :-)


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