Need updated RHEL/CentOS RPM

Guevara, Daniel Daniel_Guevara at
Tue Sep 17 15:36:14 UTC 2019

Thanks once again. I may try both (own rpm and redhat bug) in parallel.

On 9/16/19, 6:43 PM, "Paul Wouters" <paul at> wrote:

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    On Mon, 16 Sep 2019, Anand Buddhdev via Unbound-users wrote:
    [ with my red hat on ]
    >> The latest version available to build from source is 1.9.3. I can
    >> obviously explore creating my own RPM but I was thinking the entire
    >> community can benefit from an updated RPM. Does anyone have a suggestion
    >> on how to get a 1.9.x RHEL/CentOS created for everyone to download/use.
    > RHEL tends to be very conservative with packages. It's unfortunate that
    > unbound is in CentOS base. The chances of Redhat updating it in CentOS 7
    > are very low. Even in the recently-released RHEL 8, unbound is at
    > version 1.7.3, and will probably be pinned at 1.7.x.
    For RHEL7/CentOS7, indeed you will now only see very important fixes
    like CVEs. However, for RHEL8/CentOS8. things should not be pinned at
    1.7.x. With the Modularity and the AppStream vs BaseOS, we should be
    able to do more frequent updates to unbound.
    That said, if you want to help me achieve this, you really need to file
    a bug in bugzilla against RHEL8 for unbound, and list in the bug item
    not just that you want to new version, but also what specific feature
    you want. It is even better if you are a redhat customer making that
    bug report.
    > If you want to use the newest version, then I suggest rolling your own
    > RPM. And if your do that, I suggest naming your package carefully. Don't
    > call it "unbound", so that there's no conflict or accidental "upgrade"
    > in case there's a new version in the base repositories. Call it
    > "yourcompany-unbound" or something like that. There is an "unbound.spec"
    > file in the "contrib" directory in the source, but it's woefully out of
    > date. However, you may be able to use it as a template.
    You can also just grab the source rpm and update the spec file there, or
    grab the fedora spec file and compile it for centos8. For centos7, this
    will be trickier but you can use the fedora spec file as starting point.

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