1.9.4: TCP queries when some threads are full

Wouter Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Oct 21 12:30:17 UTC 2019


On 10/21/19 2:13 PM, Patrik Lundin via Unbound-users wrote:
> Hello,
> I have noticed a machine running unbound sometimes
> ignoring TCP requests, tested like so on the server:
> ===
> # dig +tcp @ CH TXT hostname.bind +tries=1
> [...]
> ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
> ===
> It will work some times, and then it wont, UDP appears unaffected. The TCP
> statistics looks like this:
> ===
> # unbound-control stats_noreset | grep tcp
> thread0.tcpusage=10
> thread1.tcpusage=1
> thread2.tcpusage=0
> thread3.tcpusage=4
> thread4.tcpusage=0
> thread5.tcpusage=0
> thread6.tcpusage=0
> thread7.tcpusage=0
> thread8.tcpusage=10
> thread9.tcpusage=10
> thread10.tcpusage=10
> thread11.tcpusage=1
> thread12.tcpusage=5
> thread13.tcpusage=0
> thread14.tcpusage=0
> thread15.tcpusage=1
> total.tcpusage=52
> ===
> The machine is running with the default "incoming-num-tcp" of 10. So it appears
> some of the threads are fully utilized. My first question: Is it

You should probably increase that count to 100 or better 1000.
incoming-num-tcp: 1000
And perhaps also increase the upstream (outgoing-num-tcp) if you have 
upstream TCP or TLS configured.

This allocates more buffers and that is useful for a server with more 
clients on it.

The setting is actually similar to a setting for NSD that controls 
similarly the number of buffers for client streams.

> possible that the sometimes failing requests is a result of that request
> being dispatched to a "full" thread even when there are unused threads
> available?

I don't know depends on the OS dispatching it.  I think Unbound stops 
accepting them for that thread when the thread is full.

> My second question is what the expected behaviour of unbound is for TCP
> connections that are idling. From unbound.conf(5) I see "tcp-idle-timeout"
> defaults to 30000ms, so this tells me a TCP connection being silent for 30
> seconds will be dropped but maby this only matters until we have seen an
> initial query and will then leave the connection forever?
> I tracked down the file descriptor for one of the TCP connections to
> unbound, found it was created over 12 hours ago, and then filtered for
> traffic for the host and port that was holding the connection with
> tcpdump, and not a single packet appeared for the several minutes I was running
> it.

When TCP is nearly full it should use an even shorter timeout.  And not 
allow such very long idle connections.  That looks like it went wrong.

Best regards, Wouter

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