Caching in libunbound

Rick van Rein rick at
Thu Mar 21 14:15:50 UTC 2019


>>> To be honest, I don't really understand why Unbound doesn't have a modus
>>> operandi that supports event loops without thread or process!
>> It does, with the unbound_event api.  See libunbound/unbound-event.h

Ah!  That makes sense.  But dare I suggest an update of the pages that I held to be authoritative?  There is no mention of this mode on

(But I do agree that "asynchronous lookup" does not carry all the patterns that come with "event looping".)

> Have a look at
> for
> inspiration on how to use it. check_resolver() on line 979 might be a
> good starting point.

Lovely, a complete example ripped from real life :)

Thanks guys,

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